3.2.141 staff-symbol-referencer-interface

An object whose Y position is meant relative to a staff symbol. These usually have Staff_symbol_referencer::callback in their Y-offset-callbacks.

User-settable properties:

staff-position (number)

Vertical position, measured in half staff spaces, counted from the middle line.

For ties, there is a distinction between exact and inexact values: an exact value serves as a rough vertical offset that gets further tuned to make the tie avoid staff lines. An inexact value is taken as the precise vertical offset without further adjustments.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): AmbitusNoteHead, Arpeggio, Beam, Clef, CueClef, CueEndClef, Custos, Dots, KeyCancellation, KeySignature, MultiMeasureRest, NoteHead, Rest, TabNoteHead and TrillPitchHead.

LilyPond Internals Reference v2.25.16 (development-branch).