1.1.57 NoteEvent

A note.

Outside of chords, any events in articulations with a listener are broadcast like chord articulations, the others are retained.

For iteration inside of chords, See EventChord.

Event classes: melodic-event, music-event, note-event, rhythmic-event and StreamEvent.

Accepted by: Beat_engraver, Beat_performer, Bend_spanner_engraver, Completion_heads_engraver, Current_chord_text_engraver, Drum_note_performer, Drum_notes_engraver, Finger_glide_engraver, Fretboard_engraver, Note_heads_engraver, Note_name_engraver, Note_performer, Part_combine_engraver, Phrasing_slur_engraver, Slur_engraver and Tab_note_heads_engraver.


iterator-ctor (procedure):


Function to construct a music-event-iterator object for this music.

name (symbol):


Name of this music object.

types (list):
'(event note-event rhythmic-event melodic-event)

The types of this music object; determines by what engraver this music expression is processed.

LilyPond Internals Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).