Automatic scaling to paper size

If the paper size is changed with one of the Scheme functions (set-default-paper-size or set-paper-size), the values of several \paper variables are automatically scaled to the new size. To bypass the automatic scaling for a particular variable, set the variable after setting the paper size. Note that the automatic scaling is not triggered by setting the paper-height or paper-width variables, even though paper-width can influence other values (this is separate from scaling and is discussed below). The set-default-paper-size and set-paper-size functions are described in Setting the paper size.

The vertical dimensions affected by automatic scaling are top-margin and bottom-margin (see Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables). The horizontal dimensions affected by automatic scaling are left-margin, right-margin, inner-margin, outer-margin, binding-offset, indent, and short-indent (see Horizontal spacing \paper variables).

The default values for these dimensions are set in ly/, using internal variables named top-margin-default, bottom-margin-default, etc. These are the values that result at the default paper size a4. For reference, with a4 paper the paper-height is 297\mm and the paper-width is 210\mm.

See also

Notation Reference: Fixed vertical spacing \paper variables, Horizontal spacing \paper variables.

Installed Files: ly/, scm/paper.scm.

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