Printing stanzas at the end

Sometimes it is appropriate to have one stanza set to the music, and the rest added in verse form at the end of the piece. This can be accomplished by adding the extra verses into a \markup section outside of the main score block. Notice that there are several different ways to force line breaks when using \markup. For inputting a whole string you may use \string-lines with manually inserted \n or automatic line breaks as entered or \wordwrap-string. If inner formatting code is used a combination of \line and \column is recommended.

melody = \relative {
  e' d c d | e e e e |
  d d e d | c1 | }

text = \lyricmode {
  \set stanza = "1."
  Ma- ry had a lit- tle lamb,
  its fleece was white as snow. }

\score {
    \new Voice = "one" { \melody }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "one" \text

\markup \column \string-lines
  "Verse 2. \n Everywhere that Mary went \n The lamb was sure to go."

\markup \column \string-lines
  "Verse 3.
   All the children laughed and played,
   To see a lamb at school."

\markup \column {
  \line \italic { Verse 4. }
  \line { And so the teacher turned it out, }
  \line { But still it lingered near. } }

\markup \wordwrap-string "
  Verse 5.

  Mary took it home again,

  It was against the rule."

[image of music]

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