A.15 List of articulations

In LilyPond’s internal logic, an ‘articulation’ is any object (other than dynamics) that may be attached directly after a rhythmic event: notes, chords; even silences and skips, or the empty chord construct <> (see Structure of a note entry). Even slurs, fingerings and text scripts are technically articulations, although these are not shown here.

Therefore, the following lists include not only articulation marks, but also all other scripts in the Emmentaler font that may be attached to notes (the way an accent is entered as ‘c'\accent’ or ‘c'->’). Each example shows the script in its two possible vertical positions: respectively up and down, as well as its default (neutral) position. See also Script glyphs for a more extensive list of glyphs, for use with the \musicglyph markup command as explained in Music notation inside markup.

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.14 (development-branch).