\paper variables concerning headers and markups


If set to true, this will print all headers for each \score in the output. Normally only the piece and opus header variables are printed. For use cases see Titles and headers. Default: #f.


If set to true, footnote numbers are reset on each page break. For footnotes numbered consecutively across page breaks, set to #f. Default: #t.


A markup object that is inserted between systems, often used for orchestral scores. Default: unset. The \slashSeparator markup, defined in ly/titling-init.ly, is provided as a sensible default, for example:

#(set-default-paper-size "a8")

\book {
  \paper {
    system-separator-markup = \slashSeparator
  \header {
    tagline = ##f
  \score {
    \relative { c''1 \break c1 \break c1 }

[image of music]


A markup object that is inserted above the footnote texts at the bottom of the page. Default: a centered horizontal line, defined in ly/paper-defaults-init.ly.

See also

Installed Files: ly/titling-init.ly, ly/paper-defaults-init.ly.

Snippets: Spacing.

Known issues and warnings

The default page header puts the page number and the instrument field from the \header block on a line.

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.16 (development-branch).