Gradual changes of vowel

Vowel transitions (gradual changes of vowel or sustained consonant), which may be indicated by arrows between syllables, are entered with the command \vowelTransition (see Gould pp. 452–453). The arrow shows the length of the transition, and it is by default always drawn (space is added if necessary in tightly engraved music). Ties between notes of unchanged pitch or slurs show that there is no new articulation, despite a change of vowel. The minimum length of the arrows may be adjusted with the minimum-length property of VowelTransition.

  c'2 c'
  \set melismaBusyProperties = #'()
  c'2 ~ c'
  \time 3/2
  d'4( e' f' e' f'2
  Ah \vowelTransition oh,
  ah \vowelTransition oh,
  ah \vowelTransition _ _ _ _

[image of music]

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