Mensural rests

Use the style property of grob Rest to select ancient rests. Supported ancient styles are neomensural, and mensural.

The following example demonstrates these styles:

\override = #'mensural
r\longa^"mensural" r\breve r1 r2 r4 r8 r16 s \break
\override = #'neomensural
r\longa^"neomensural" r\breve r1 r2 r4 r8 r16

[image of music]

There are no 32nd and 64th rests specifically for the mensural or neo-mensural styles. Rests from the default style are used.

See also

Music Glossary: mensural notation.

Notation Reference: Rests.

Snippets: Ancient notation.

Known issues and warnings

The glyph for the maxima rest in mensural style is actually a perfect longa rest; use two (or three) longa rests to print a maxima rest. Longa rests are not grouped automatically, so have to be done manually by using pitched rests.

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.17 (development-branch).