2.9.1 Overview of the supported styles

Three styles are available for typesetting Gregorian chant:

Three styles emulate the appearance of late-medieval and renaissance manuscripts and prints of mensural music:

Baroque and Classical are not complete styles but differ from the default style only in some details: certain note heads (Baroque) and the quarter rest (Classical).

Only the mensural style has alternatives for all aspects of the notation. Thus, there are no rests or flags in the Gregorian styles, since these signs are not used in plainchant notation, and the Petrucci style has no flags or accidentals of its own.

Each element of the notation can be changed independently of the others, so that one can use mensural flags, Petrucci note heads, classical rests and Vaticana clefs in the same piece, if one wishes.

See also

Music Glossary: mensural notation, flag.

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