A music expression can be reversed to produce its retrograde:

music = \relative { c'8. ees16( fis8. a16 b8.) gis16 f8. d16 }

\new Staff {
  \retrograde \music

[image of music]

Known issues and warnings

\retrograde is a rather simple tool. Since many events are ‘mirrored’ rather than exchanged, tweaks and directional modifiers for opening spanners need to be added at the matching closing spanners: ^( needs to be ended by ^), every \< or \cresc needs to be ended by \! or \endcr, every \> or \decr needs to be ended by \enddecr. Property-changing commands/overrides with a lasting effect will likely cause surprises.

See also

Notation Reference: Inversion, Modal transformations, Transpose.

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).