Bottom-level contexts – voices

Voice-level contexts initialize certain properties and start appropriate engravers. A bottom-level context is one without defaultchild. While it is possible to let it accept/contain subcontexts, they can only be created and entered explicitly.


Corresponds to a voice on a staff. This context handles the conversion of dynamic signs, stems, beams, super- and subscripts, slurs, ties, and rests. You have to instantiate this explicitly if you require multiple voices on the same staff.


Same as Voice, except that it is designed for typesetting a piece in Gregorian style.


Same as Voice, with modifications for typesetting a piece in mensural style.


Corresponds to a voice with lyrics. Handles the printing of a single line of lyrics.


The voice context used in a percussion staff.


The context in which BassFigure objects are created from input entered in \figuremode mode.


The voice context used within a TabStaff context. Usually left to be created implicitly.


A voice context used to render notes of a reduced size, intended primarily for adding cue notes to a staff, see Formatting cue notes. Usually left to be created implicitly.


Typesets chord names.

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).