Default layout of headers and footers

Headers and footers are lines of text appearing at the top and bottom of pages, separate from the main text of a book. They are controlled by the following \paper variables:

These markup variables can only access text fields from top-level \header blocks (which apply to all scores in the book) and are defined in ‘ly/’. By default:

The default LilyPond footer text can be changed by adding a tagline in the top-level \header block.

\book {
  \header {
    tagline = "... music notation for Everyone"
  \score {
    \relative {
      c'4 d e f

[image of music]

To remove the default LilyPond footer text, the tagline can be set to #f.

LilyPond — Notation Reference v2.25.8 (development-branch).