The swing script

The swing script provides additional functions allowing for regular durations to be played with an unequal rhythm. The most obvious example is ‘swing’ interpretation commonly found in jazz music where binary eighth notes should be played in a ternary fashion; however additional interpretations are also supported.

This script has to be \include-d at the beginning of the input file:

\include ""

Three commands are provided:

Note: As with the articulate script, all swing commands are also rendered in the engraved output, which results in irregular note spacing. This can be avoided by using them only in a \score block dedicated to MIDI output, rather than to printed music.

Additional help and information is included in the script file: see ly/

See also

Learning Manual: Other sources of information.

Notation Reference: Rhythms.

Installed Files: ly/

Known issues and warnings

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).