Gregorian clefs

The following table shows all Gregorian clefs that are supported via the \clef command. Some of the clefs use the same glyph, but differ only with respect to the line they are printed on. In such cases, a trailing number in the name is used to enumerate these clefs, numbered from the lowest to the highest line. Still, you can manually force a clef glyph to be typeset on an arbitrary line, as described in Clef. The note printed to the right side of each clef in the example column denotes the c' with respect to that clef.

DescriptionSupported ClefsExample
Editio Vaticana style do clefvaticana-do1, vaticana-do2,
[image of music]
Editio Vaticana style fa clefvaticana-fa1, vaticana-fa2 [image of music]
Editio Medicaea style do clefmedicaea-do1, medicaea-do2,
[image of music]
Editio Medicaea style fa clefmedicaea-fa1, medicaea-fa2 [image of music]
Hufnagel style do clefhufnagel-do1, hufnagel-do2,
[image of music]
Hufnagel style fa clefhufnagel-fa1, hufnagel-fa2 [image of music]
Hufnagel style combined do/fa clefhufnagel-do-fa [image of music]

See also

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