Custom layout for headers and footers

\markup commands in the \header block are useful for simple text formatting, but they do not allow precise control over the placement of headers and footers. To customize the placement of the text fields, use one or more of the following \paper variables.

The \markup command \if can be used to add markup conditionally to header and footer text defined within the \paper block, using the following syntax within \markup:

\if condition argument

The condition is tested each time the markup is interpreted. The resulting markup is argument if the condition is true, but empty if false. Typical conditions include tests for page numbers (first page, last page, specific page, …). To test for the condition being false, replace \if with \unless.

The following example centers page numbers at the bottom of every page. First, the default settings for oddHeaderMarkup and evenHeaderMarkup are removed by assigning #f. Then, oddFooterMarkup is redefined with the page number centered. Finally, evenFooterMarkup is given the same layout by defining it as \oddFooterMarkup:

\book {
  \paper {
    print-page-number = ##t
    print-first-page-number = ##t
    oddHeaderMarkup = ##f
    evenHeaderMarkup = ##f
    oddFooterMarkup = \markup {
      \fill-line {
        \if \should-print-page-number
          \fromproperty #'page:page-number-string
    evenFooterMarkup = \oddFooterMarkup
  \score {
    \new Staff { s1 \break s1 \break s1 }

[image of music]

Here is a list of all predefined procedures available for use with \if and \unless.

SyntaxCondition tested
\on-first-pageFirst page in the book?
\on-last-pageLast page in the book?
\on-first-page-of-partFirst page in the book part?
\on-last-page-of-partLast page in the book part?
\on-page nOn page number n?
\single-pageDoes the book fit on just one page?
\should-print-page-numbers-globalPrint page numbers in the book? 6
\should-print-page-numberPrint the number of the current page?
\should-print-all-headersIs print-all-headers true?

See also

Notation Reference: Titles explained, Default layout of bookpart and score titles, Conditional markup.

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\should-print-page-numbers-global can differ from \should-print-page-number for the first page in the book, depending on the print-first-page-number setting of the \paper block.

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