Bowing indications

Bowing indications are created as articulations, which are described in Articulations and ornamentations.

The bowing commands, \upbow and \downbow, are used with slurs as follows:

\relative { c''4(\downbow d) e(\upbow f) }

[image of music]

Roman numerals can be used for string numbers (rather than the default circled Arabic numbers), as explained in String number indications.

Alternatively, string indications may be printed using markup commands; articulation scripts may also indicate open strings.

a'4 \open
a'2^\markup { \small "sul A" }

[image of music]

Predefined commands

\downbow, \upbow, \open, \romanStringNumbers.

See also

Notation Reference: Articulations and ornamentations, String number indications, Slurs.

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