Section divisions

The \section command marks a point where one section of music ends and another begins. It does not have to be followed by more music: it may also be used to emphasize that the written end of the music is not the end of the piece, such as at a D.C. instruction or where one movement continues into the next without a break. \section normally creates a double bar line, but its effect can depend on other notation, e.g., repeat bar lines.

The \fine command ends the piece, normally with a final bar line. It is not limited to use at the written end of the music: it may also appear inside \repeat (see section Al-fine repeats).

A section can optionally be named with \sectionLabel (see section Section labels).

\fixed c' {
  \sectionLabel "Refrain"

[image of music]

For details on interactions of \fine and \section bar lines with other types of bar lines, and options for changing their appearance, see section Automatic bar lines.

See also

Music Glossary: fine.

Notation Reference: Automatic bar lines, Divisiones, Al-fine repeats, Section labels.

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LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.10 (development-branch).