There are no rests in Gregorian chant notation; instead, it uses Divisiones.

A divisio (plural: divisiones; Latin word for ‘division’) is a staff-context symbol indicating the phrase and section structure of Gregorian music. The musical meaning of divisio minima, divisio maior, and divisio maxima can be characterized as short, medium, and long pause. The finalis sign not only marks the end of a chant, but is also frequently used within a single antiphonal/responsorial chant to mark the end of each section.

Some editions use virgula or caesura instead of divisio minima; the predefined staff contexts for Gregorian chant configure \caesura to produce an ancient caesura mark.

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Predefined commands

\virgula, \caesura, \divisioMinima, \divisioMaior, \divisioMaxima, \finalis.

See also

Music Glossary: caesura, divisio.

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