A.20 Default values for script-priority

The following table shows the default script-priority of all script-related grobs (starting with an uppercase letter) and script names (starting with a lowercase letter). Objects with smaller values are placed closer to the staff.

The Fingering, StringNumber, and StrokeFinger grobs, if part of a chord, add the vertical position of the associated note head to get the final priority value. The script-priority values of other scripts part of a chord stay unmodified.

For scripts not part of a chord, the current event position is added instead. This means that for scripts with the same script-priority value, the first one attached to a note head gets the lowest priority value.

Grobs not listed here (and which are related to scripts) get 200 as the default script-priority value.

Grob or ScriptPriority
tenuto -50
AccidentalSuggestion   0
Arpeggio   0
flageolet  50
Fingering 100
StrokeFinger 125
StringNumber 150
trill 150
fermata 175
henzelongfermata 175
henzeshortfermata 175
longfermata 175
shortfermata 175
verylongfermata 175
veryshortfermata 175
downbow 180
upbow 180
CombineTextScript 200
TextScript 200

LilyPond Notation Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).