A.5 Predefined paper sizes

Paper sizes are defined in file scm/paper.scm.

ISO 216, A series

"a10"26mm x 37mm (1.02in x 1.46in)
"a9"37mm x 52mm (1.46in x 2.05in)
"a8"52mm x 74mm (2.05in x 2.91in)
"a7"74mm x 105mm (2.91in x 4.13in)
"a6"105mm x 148mm (4.13in x 5.83in)
"a5"148mm x 210mm (5.83in x 8.27in)
"a4"210mm x 297mm (8.27in x 11.69in)
"a3"297mm x 420mm (11.69in x 16.54in)
"a2"420mm x 594mm (16.54in x 23.39in)
"a1"594mm x 841mm (23.39in x 33.11in)
"a0"841mm x 1189mm (33.11in x 46.81in)

Two extended sizes as defined in DIN 476

"2a0"1189mm x 1682mm (46.81in x 66.22in)
"4a0"1682mm x 2378mm (66.22in x 93.62in)

ISO 216, B series

"b10"31mm x 44mm (1.22in x 1.73in)
"b9"44mm x 62mm (1.73in x 2.44in)
"b8"62mm x 88mm (2.44in x 3.46in)
"b7"88mm x 125mm (3.46in x 4.92in)
"b6"125mm x 176mm (4.92in x 6.93in)
"b5"176mm x 250mm (6.93in x 9.84in)
"b4"250mm x 353mm (9.84in x 13.90in)
"b3"353mm x 500mm (13.90in x 19.69in)
"b2"500mm x 707mm (19.69in x 27.83in)
"b1"707mm x 1000mm (27.83in x 39.37in)
"b0"1000mm x 1414mm (39.37in x 55.67in)

ISO 269, C series

"c10"28mm x 40mm (1.10in x 1.57in)
"c9"40mm x 57mm (1.57in x 2.24in)
"c8"57mm x 81mm (2.24in x 3.19in)
"c7"81mm x 114mm (3.19in x 4.49in)
"c6"114mm x 162mm (4.49in x 6.38in)
"c5"162mm x 229mm (6.38in x 9.02in)
"c4"229mm x 324mm (9.02in x 12.76in)
"c3"324mm x 458mm (12.76in x 18.03in)
"c2"458mm x 648mm (18.03in x 25.51in)
"c1"648mm x 917mm (25.51in x 36.10in)
"c0"917mm x 1297mm (36.10in x 51.06in)

North American paper sizes

"junior-legal"5.0in x 8.0in (127mm x 203mm)
"legal"8.5in x 14.0in (216mm x 356mm)
"ledger"17.0in x 11.0in (432mm x 279mm)
"17x11"17.0in x 11.0in (432mm x 279mm)
"letter"8.5in x 11.0in (216mm x 279mm)
"tabloid"11.0in x 17.0in (279mm x 432mm)
"11x17"11.0in x 17.0in (279mm x 432mm)

Sizes by IEEE Printer Working Group, for children’s writing

"government-letter"8.0in x 10.5in (203mm x 267mm)
"government-legal"8.5in x 13.0in (216mm x 330mm)
"philippine-legal"8.5in x 13.0in (216mm x 330mm)

ANSI sizes

"ansi a"8.5in x 11.0in (216mm x 279mm)
"ansi b"11.0in x 17.0in (279mm x 432mm)
"ansi c"17.0in x 22.0in (432mm x 559mm)
"ansi d"22.0in x 34.0in (559mm x 864mm)
"ansi e"34.0in x 44.0in (864mm x 1118mm)
"engineering f"28.0in x 40.0in (711mm x 1016mm)

North American architectural sizes

"arch a"9.0in x 12.0in (229mm x 305mm)
"arch b"12.0in x 18.0in (305mm x 457mm)
"arch c"18.0in x 24.0in (457mm x 610mm)
"arch d"24.0in x 36.0in (610mm x 914mm)
"arch e"36.0in x 48.0in (914mm x 1219mm)
"arch e1"30.0in x 42.0in (762mm x 1067mm)

Other sizes, including antique sizes still used in the United Kingdom

"statement"5.5in x 8.5in (140mm x 216mm)
"half letter"5.5in x 8.5in (140mm x 216mm)
"quarto"8.0in x 10.0in (203mm x 254mm)
"octavo"6.75in x 10.5in (171mm x 267mm)
"executive"7.25in x 10.5in (184mm x 267mm)
"monarch"7.25in x 10.5in (184mm x 267mm)
"foolscap"8.27in x 13.0in (210mm x 330mm)
"folio"8.27in x 13.0in (210mm x 330mm)
"super-b"13.0in x 19.0in (330mm x 483mm)
"post"15.5in x 19.5in (394mm x 495mm)
"crown"15.0in x 20.0in (381mm x 508mm)
"large post"16.5in x 21.0in (419mm x 533mm)
"demy"17.5in x 22.5in (445mm x 572mm)
"medium"18.0in x 23.0in (457mm x 584mm)
"broadsheet"18.0in x 24.0in (457mm x 610mm)
"royal"20.0in x 25.0in (508mm x 635mm)
"elephant"23.0in x 28.0in (584mm x 711mm)
"double demy"22.5in x 35.0in (572mm x 889mm)
"quad demy"35.0in x 45.0in (889mm x 1143mm)
"atlas"26.0in x 34.0in (660mm x 864mm)
"imperial"22.0in x 30.0in (559mm x 762mm)
"antiquarian"31.0in x 53.0in (787mm x 1346mm)

PA4-based sizes

"pa10"26mm x 35mm (1.02in x 1.38in)
"pa9"35mm x 52mm (1.38in x 2.05in)
"pa8"52mm x 70mm (2.05in x 2.76in)
"pa7"70mm x 105mm (2.76in x 4.13in)
"pa6"105mm x 140mm (4.13in x 5.51in)
"pa5"140mm x 210mm (5.51in x 8.27in)
"pa4"210mm x 280mm (8.27in x 11.02in)
"pa3"280mm x 420mm (11.02in x 16.54in)
"pa2"420mm x 560mm (16.54in x 22.05in)
"pa1"560mm x 840mm (22.05in x 33.07in)
"pa0"840mm x 1120mm (33.07in x 44.09in)

Additional format for use in Southeast Asia and Australia

"f4"210mm x 330mm (8.27in x 12.99in)

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