Gregorian chant contexts

The predefined contexts VaticanaScore, VaticanaVoice, VaticanaStaff, and VaticanaLyrics can be used to engrave a piece of Gregorian chant in the style of the Editio Vaticana. These contexts initialize all relevant context and grob properties to proper values; you can immediately go ahead entering the chant, as the following excerpt demonstrates.

\new VaticanaScore {
    \new VaticanaVoice = "cantus" {
      \[ c'\melisma c' \flexa a \]
      \[ a \flexa \deminutum g\melismaEnd \]
      f \divisioMinima
      \[ f\melisma \pes a c' c' \pes d'\melismaEnd \]
      c' \divisioMinima \break
      \[ c'\melisma c' \flexa a \]
      \[ a \flexa \deminutum g\melismaEnd \] f \divisioMinima
    \new VaticanaLyrics \lyricsto "cantus" {
      San -- ctus, San -- ctus, San -- ctus

\layout {
  indent = 0
  ragged-last = ##t

[image of music]

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