Caesura ("railtracks") with fermata

A caesura is sometimes denoted by a double “railtracks” breath mark with a fermata sign positioned above. This snippet shows an optically pleasing combination of railtracks and fermata.

\relative c'' {
  % construct the symbol
  \override BreathingSign.text = \markup {
    \override #'(direction . 1)
    \override #'(baseline-skip . 1.8)
    \dir-column {
      \translate #'(0.155 . 0)
        \center-align \musicglyph "scripts.caesura.curved"
      \center-align \musicglyph "scripts.ufermata"
  \breathe c4
  % set the breath mark back to normal
  \revert BreathingSign.text
  c2. \breathe c4
  \bar "|."

[image of music]

LilyPond snippets v2.25.18 (development-branch).