Creating a delayed turn

Creating a delayed turn, where the lower note of the turn uses the accidental, requires several overrides. The outside-staff-priority property must be set to #f, as otherwise this would take precedence over the avoid-slur property. Changing the fractions 2/3 and 1/3 adjusts the horizontal position.

\relative c'' {
  \after 2*2/3 \turn c2( d4) r |
  \after 4 \turn c4.( d8)
  \after 4
    \once \set suggestAccidentals = ##t
    \once \override AccidentalSuggestion.outside-staff-priority = ##f
    \once \override AccidentalSuggestion.avoid-slur = #'inside
    \once \override AccidentalSuggestion.font-size = -3
    \once \override AccidentalSuggestion.script-priority = -1
    \once \hideNotes
    cis8\turn \noBeam
  d4.( e8)

[image of music]

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