Quoting another voice

The quotedEventTypes property determines the music event types which should be quoted. The default value is (note-event rest-event tie-event beam-event tuplet-span-event), which means that only the notes, rests, ties, beams and tuplets of the quoted voice will appear in the \quoteDuring expression.

In the following example, a 16th rest is not quoted since rest-event is not in quotedEventTypes.

For a list of event types, consult the “Music classes” section of the Internals Reference.

quoteMe = \relative c' {
  fis4 r16 a8.-> b4\ff c
\addQuote quoteMe \quoteMe

original = \relative c'' {
  c8 d s2
  \once \override NoteColumn.ignore-collision = ##t
  es8 gis8

  \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "quoteMe" }

  \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "orig" }

  \new Staff \with {
    instrumentName = "orig+quote"
    quotedEventTypes = #'(note-event articulation-event)
  \relative c''
    \new Voice {
      \set fontSize = #-4
      \override Stem.length-fraction = #(magstep -4)
      \quoteDuring "quoteMe" { \skip 2. }

[image of music]

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