Automatic beam subdivisions

Beams can be subdivided automatically. By setting the property subdivideBeams, beams are subdivided whenever possible. The intervals and depth of subdivision can be limited with properties minimumBeamSubdivisionInterval and maximumBeamSubdivisionInterval respectively.

\new Staff {
  \relative c'' {
        \set subdivideBeams = ##t
        b32[ a g f c' b a g
        b32^"subdivide beams" a g f c' b a g]
      \new Voice {
        b32_"default"[ a g f c' b a g
        b32 a g f c' b a g]
    \once \set minimumBeamSubdivisionInterval = \musicLength 8
    b32^"minimumBeamSubdivisionInterval 1 8"[ a g f c' b a g]
    \once \set maximumBeamSubdivisionInterval = \musicLength 16
    b32^"maximumBeamSubdivisionInterval 1 16"[ a g f c' b a g]

[image of music]

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