Cross-staff stems

This snippet shows how to use Span_stem_engraver and \crossStaff to connect stems across staves automatically.

The stem lengths need not be specified, as the variable distance between noteheads and staves is calculated automatically. However, it is important that \crossStaff is applied to the correct voice or staff (i.e., on the opposite side of where a beam is or would be positioned) to get the desired effect.

\layout {
  \context {
    \consists "Span_stem_engraver"

\new PianoStaff <<
  \new Staff {
    <b d'>4 r d'16\> e'8. g8 r\! |
    e'8 f' g'4
      % Down to lower staff
      \crossStaff { e'8 e'8 } e'4 |

  \new Staff {
    \clef bass
    % Up to upper staff
    \crossStaff { <e g>4 e, g16 a8. c8 } d |
    g8 f g4 \voiceTwo g8 g g4 |

[image of music]

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