Using PostScript to generate special note head shapes

When a note head with a special shape cannot easily be generated with graphic markup, PostScript code can be used to generate the shape. This example shows how a parallelogram-shaped note head is generated.

%% Updaters remark:
%% For unkown reasons this snippet returns a gs-error, but only, if compiled
%% with multiple others like: lilypond *.ly
%% Thus changing to a path-stencil.
%% TODO description needs to get adjusted  --harm

parallelogram =
    '(path 0.1
        (rmoveto 0 0.25
         lineto 1.3125 0.75
         lineto 1.3125 -0.25
         lineto 0 -0.75)
    (cons 0 1.3125)
    (cons -.75 .75))

myNoteHeads = \override NoteHead.stencil = \parallelogram
normalNoteHeads = \revert NoteHead.stencil

\relative c'' {
  g4 d'
  <f, \tweak stencil \parallelogram b e>4 d

[image of music]

LilyPond snippets v2.25.18 (development-branch).