Additional voices to avoid collisions

In some instances of complex polyphonic music, additional voices are necessary to prevent collisions between notes. If more than four parallel voices are needed, additional voices can be added by defining a variable using the Scheme function context-spec-music.

voiceFive = #(context-spec-music (make-voice-props-set 4) 'Voice)

\relative c'' {
  \time 3/4
  \key d \minor
  \partial 2
    \new Voice  {
      a4. a8
      e'4 e4. e8
      f4 d4. c8
    \new Voice {
      d4 cis2
      d4 bes2
    \new Voice {
      bes4 a2
      a4 s2
    \new Voice {
      g4 g2
      f4 f2

[image of music]

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