Modifying tuplet bracket length

Tuplet brackets can be made to run to prefatory matter or the next note. Default tuplet brackets end at the right edge of the final note of the tuplet; full-length tuplet brackets extend farther to the right, either to cover all the non-rhythmic notation up to the following note, or to cover only the whitespace before the next item of notation, be that a clef, time signature, key signature, or another note. The example shows how to switch tuplets to full length mode and how to modify what material they cover.

\new RhythmicStaff {
  % Set tuplets to be extendable...
  \set tupletFullLength = ##t
  % cover all items up to the next note
  \set tupletFullLengthNote = ##t
  \time 2/4
  \tuplet 3/2 { c4 4 4 }
  % ...or to cover just whitespace
  \set tupletFullLengthNote = ##f
  \time 4/4
  \tuplet 5/4 { 4 1 }
  \time 3/4

[image of music]

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