Coloring notes depending on their pitch

It is possible to color note heads depending on their pitch and/or their names: the function used in this example even makes it possible to distinguish enharmonics.

%Association list of pitches to colors.
#(define color-mapping
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 0 NATURAL) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 0 SHARP) (x11-color 'green))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 1 FLAT) (x11-color 'green))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 2 NATURAL) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 2 SHARP) (x11-color 'green))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 3 FLAT) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 3 NATURAL) (x11-color 'green))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 4 SHARP) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 5 NATURAL) (x11-color 'green))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 5 FLAT) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 6 SHARP) (x11-color 'red))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 1 NATURAL) (x11-color 'blue))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 3 SHARP) (x11-color 'blue))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 4 FLAT) (x11-color 'blue))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 5 SHARP) (x11-color 'blue))
    (cons (ly:make-pitch 0 6 FLAT) (x11-color 'blue))))

%Compare pitch and alteration (not octave).
#(define (pitch-equals? p1 p2)
    (= (ly:pitch-alteration p1) (ly:pitch-alteration p2))
    (= (ly:pitch-notename p1) (ly:pitch-notename p2))))

#(define (pitch-to-color pitch)
   (let ((color (assoc pitch color-mapping pitch-equals?)))
     (if color
         (cdr color))))

#(define (color-notehead grob)
    (ly:event-property (event-cause grob) 'pitch)))

\score {
  \new Staff \relative c' {
    \override NoteHead.color = #color-notehead
    c8 b d dis ees f g aes

[image of music]

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