1.158 high bass clef

ES: ?, I: ?, F: clef de basse haute, D: hoher Bassschl├╝ssel, NL: ?, DK: ?, S: ?, FI: ?.

Beginning in 18th century the high bass clef used in French Horn parts for the lowest pitches. This usage of the F clef was then passed down from the French Horn to the Basset Horn and then to the Bass Clarinet. It looks identical to the standard bass clef, but is pitched an octave higher – octavation indicators on clefs appeared at the beginning of the 20th Century.

In LilyPond, the most straightforward way to make a high bass clef is to print the modern version \clef "bass^8" but without the 8;

  \new Staff {
    \clef treble { g4 b d' g' }
  \new Staff \with { \omit ClefModifier }
  { \clef "bass^8" { g4 b d' g' } }

[image of music]

See also

F clef, bass clef.

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