1.155 harmonics

ES: armónicos, sonidos aflautados, I: armonici, F: flageolet, sons harmoniques, D: Flageolett-Töne, NL: ?, DK: ?, S: ?, FI: harmoniset äänet, huiluäänet.

The general class of pitches produced by sounding the second or higher harmonic of a tone producer: string, column of air, and so on.

On stringed instruments, these pitches sound rather flute-like; hence, their name in languages other than English. They are produced by lightly touching the string at a node for the desired mode of vibration while it is being bowed or plucked.

For instruments of the violin family, there are two types of harmonics: natural harmonics, which are those played on the open string; and artificial harmonics, which are produced on stopped strings.

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