Updating documentation translation

Instead of running check-translation, you may want to run update-translation, which will run your favorite text editor to update files. First, make sure environment variable EDITOR is set to a text editor command, then run from Documentation/

make ISOLANG=MY_LANGUAGE update-translation

or to update a single file

make TRANSLATION_FILES=MY_LANGUAGE/manual/foo.itely update-translation

For each file to be updated, update-translation will open your text editor with this file and a diff of the file in English; if the diff cannot be generated or is bigger than the file in English itself, the full file in English will be opened instead.

Note: do not forget to update the committish in each file you have completely updated, see Updating translation committishes.

.po message catalogs in Documentation/po/ may be updated by issuing from Documentation/ or Documentation/po/

make po-update

Note: if you run po-update and somebody else does the same and pushes before you push or send a patch to be applied, there will be a conflict when you pull. Therefore, it is better that only the Translation meister runs this command. Furthermore, it has been borken since the GDP: variable names and comments do no longer appear as translated.

Updating music snippets can quickly become cumbersome, as most snippets should be identical in all languages. Fortunately, there is a script that can do this odd job for you (run from Documentation/):

make ISOLANG=MY_LANGUAGE snippet-update

This script overwrites music snippets in MY_LANGUAGE/foo/every.itely with music snippets from foo/every.itely. It ignores skeleton files, and keeps intact music snippets preceded with a line starting with @c KEEP LY; it reports an error for each .itely that has not the same music snippet count in both languages. Always use this script with a lot of care, i.e., run it on a clean Git working tree, and check the changes it made with git diff before committing; if you don’t do so, some @lilypond snippets might be broken or make no sense in their context.

See also

Maintaining without updating translations, Adding and editing snippets.

LilyPond Contributor’s Guide v2.25.18 (development-branch).