Files to be translated

Translation of Documentation/en/foo/bar should be Documentation/LANG/foo/bar. Unmentioned files should not be translated.

Files of priority 1 should be submitted along all files generated by starting a new language in the same commit and thus a unique patch, and the translation of files marked with priority 2 should be committed to Git at the same time and thus sent in a single patch. Priority 1 files are required before requesting a language-specific mailing list Files marked with priority 3 or more may be submitted individually. For knowing how to commit your work to Git, then make patches of your new translations as well as corrections and updates, see Working with source code.

  1. the website: web.texi, web/introduction.itexi, and web/download.itexi. Additionally, also translate macros.itexi, po/lilypond-doc.pot, and search-box.ihtml.
  2. the tutorial: web/manuals.itexi, learning.tely, learning/installing.itely, learning/tutorial.itely, and learning/common-notation.itely
  3. fundamental concepts in learning/fundamental.itely, as well as usage.tely, usage/running.itely, usage/updating.itely, and web/community.itexi
  4. learning/tweaks.itely, learning/templates.itely, and usage/suggestions.itely
  5. the Notation reference: notation.tely, all of notation/*.itely, and the Snippets’ titles and descriptions
  6. usage/lilypond-book.itely and usage/external.itely
  7. the appendices, whose translation is optional: essay.tely and essay/*.itely, as well as extending.tely and extending/*.itely

LilyPond Contributor’s Guide v2.25.16 (development-branch).