5.4.2 Documentation files

All manuals live in Documentation/.

In particular, there are four user manuals, their respective master source files are learning.tely (LM, Learning Manual), notation.tely (NR, Notation Reference), music-glossary.tely (MG, Music Glossary), and lilypond-program (AU). Each chapter is written in a separate file, ending in .itely for files containing lilypond code, and .itexi for files without lilypond code, located in a subdirectory associated to the manual (learning/ for learning.tely, and so on); list the subdirectory of each manual to determine the file name of the specific chapter you wish to modify.

Developer manuals live in Documentation/ too. Currently there is only one: the Contributor’s Guide contrib-guide.texi you are reading.

Snippet files are part of documentation, and the Snippet List (SL) lives in Documentation/ just like the manuals. For information about how to modify the snippet files and SL, see LSR work.

LilyPond Contributor’s Guide v2.25.17 (development-branch).