3.3.2 Automated testing

When a merge request is opened, a bot automatically adds the Patch::new label to it, and it enters the countdown cycle. GitLab triggers automated testing, which ensures that the patch completes make, make check, and make doc. After testing succeeds, the patch author or a reviewer should check regression test results. To find these, first view the log for the make check step. Currently, this can be reached by clicking the second of the three check marks next to the text “Detached merge request pipeline passed …”. You will find a link to the regression test visual comparison at the very end of the log. If tests display no obviously bad differences, the patch can be advanced to Patch::review. If the size of the regression test visual differences allows it, please paste screenshots of them on the merge request for easier review. Otherwise, simply paste a link to the full HTML diff. Also, for changes that are by nature not expected to yield regression test differences, such as documentation improvements, it is not necessary to leave a comment at all. In case any of the testing steps fails, the patch should be set to Patch::needs_work. When revisions are made, this process repeats (if the regression test diff is not changed by the latest iteration, a comment stating so can replace posting screenshots again).

LilyPond Contributor’s Guide v2.25.17 (development-branch).