3.2.148 system-interface

This is the top-level object: Each object in a score ultimately has a System object as its X and Y parent.

The system-interface implies the spanner-interface.

User-settable properties:

labels (list)

List of labels (symbols) placed on a column.

page-number (number)

Page number on which this system ends up.

rank-on-page (number)

0-based index of the system on a page.

Internal properties:

all-elements (array of grobs)

An array of all grobs in this line. Its function is to protect objects from being garbage collected.

columns (array of grobs)

An array of grobs, typically containing PaperColumn or NoteColumn objects.

footnote-stencil (stencil)

The stencil of a system’s footnotes.

footnotes-after-line-breaking (array of grobs)

Footnote grobs of a broken system.

footnotes-before-line-breaking (array of grobs)

Footnote grobs of a whole system.

in-note-direction (direction)

Direction to place in-notes above a system.

in-note-stencil (stencil)

The stencil of a system’s in-notes.

in-note-system-padding (number)

Padding between in-note and its associated system.

pure-Y-extent (pair of numbers)

The estimated height of a system.

vertical-alignment (graphical (layout) object)

The VerticalAlignment in a System.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): System.

LilyPond Internals Reference v2.25.18 (development-branch).