3.2.124 self-alignment-interface

Position this object on itself and/or on its parent. To this end, the following functions are provided:


Align self on reference point, using self-alignment-X and self-alignment-Y, respectively.


Align reference point of self with the reference point of parent. The position of the own reference point is adjusted with self-alignment-X and self-alignment-Y, the position of the parent’s reference point with parent-alignment-X and parent-alignment-Y, respectively.

Function ly:self-alignment-interface::aligned-on-x-parent listens to the property X-alignment-extent of the PaperColumn grob, using it as a fallback width for parent alignment in case the PaperColumn grob does not contain note heads.


Shift the object so its own reference point is centered on the extent of the parent.

User-settable properties:

parent-alignment-X (number)

Specify on which point of the parent the object is aligned. The value -1 means aligned on parent’s left edge, 0 on center, and 1 right edge, in X direction. Other numerical values may also be specified - the unit is half the parent’s width. If not a number, align on the parent’s reference point. If unset, the value from self-alignment-X property will be used.

parent-alignment-Y (number)

Like parent-alignment-X but for the Y axis.

self-alignment-X (number)

Specify alignment of an object. The value -1 means left aligned, 0 centered, and 1 right-aligned in X direction. Other numerical values may also be specified - the unit is half the object width. If not a number, align on the object’s reference point.

self-alignment-Y (number)

Like self-alignment-X but for the Y axis.

X-align-on-main-noteheads (boolean)

If true, this grob will ignore suspended noteheads when aligning itself on NoteColumn.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): AccidentalSuggestion, BarNumber, CaesuraScript, ClefModifier, CodaMark, CombineTextScript, DoublePercentRepeatCounter, DynamicText, Fingering, GridLine, Hairpin, HorizontalBracketText, InstrumentName, InstrumentSwitch, JumpScript, LyricRepeatCount, LyricText, MeasureCounter, MeasureSpanner, MetronomeMark, MultiMeasureRestNumber, MultiMeasureRestScript, MultiMeasureRestText, NoteName, PercentRepeatCounter, RehearsalMark, Script, SectionLabel, SegnoMark, SostenutoPedal, StemTremolo, StringNumber, StrokeFinger, SustainPedal, TextMark, TextScript and UnaCordaPedal.

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