The padding property

The padding property can be set to increase (or decrease) the distance between symbols that are printed above or below notes.

\override Script.padding = 3

[image of music]

% This will not work, see below
\override MetronomeMark.padding = 3
\tempo 4 = 120
c'1 |
% This works
\override Score.MetronomeMark.padding = 3
\tempo 4 = 80
d'1 |

[image of music]

Note in the second example how important it is to figure out what context handles a certain object. Since the MetronomeMark grob is handled in the Score context, property changes in the Voice context will not be noticed. For more details, see Modifying properties.

If the padding property of an object is increased when that object is in a stack of objects being positioned according to their outside-staff-priority, then that object and all objects outside of it are moved.

LilyPond Learning Manual v2.25.17 (development-branch).