5.1 Tweaking basics

‘Tweaking’ is a LilyPond term for the various methods available to the user for modifying the actions taken during interpretation of the input file and modifying the appearance of the printed output. Some tweaks are very easy to use; others are more complex. But taken together the methods available for tweaking permit almost any desired appearance of the printed music to be achieved.

In this section we cover the basic concepts required to understand tweaking. Later we give a variety of ready-made commands which can simply be copied to obtain the same effect in your own scores, and at the same time we show how these commands may be constructed so that you may learn how to develop your own tweaks.

Before starting on this chapter you may wish to review the section Contexts and engravers, as contexts, engravers, and the properties contained within them are fundamental to understanding and constructing tweaks.

LilyPond Learning Manual v2.25.18 (development-branch).