3.4.4 After the tutorial

After finishing the tutorial, you should probably try writing a piece or two. Start by adding notes to one of the templates (see Templates). If you need any notation that was not covered in the tutorial, look at the Notation Reference, starting with Musical notation. If you want to write for an instrument ensemble that is not covered in the templates, see Extending the templates.

Once you have written a few short pieces, read the rest of the Learning Manual (chapters 3–5). There’s nothing wrong with reading it now, of course! However, the rest of the Learning Manual assumes that you are familiar with LilyPond input. You may wish to skim these chapters right now, and come back to them after you have more experience.

In this tutorial and in the rest of the Learning Manual, there is a paragraph See also at the end of each section, which contains cross references to other sections: you should not follow these cross references at first reading; when you have read all of the Learning Manual, you may want to read some sections again and follow cross references for further reading.

If you have not done so already, please read Overview of manuals. There is a lot of information about LilyPond, so newcomers often do not know where they should look for help. If you spend five minutes reading that section carefully, you might save yourself hours of frustration looking in the wrong places!

LilyPond Learning Manual v2.25.18 (development-branch).