The break-visibility property

We see from the BarLine properties in the IR that the break-visibility property requires a vector of three Booleans. These control respectively whether bar lines are printed at the end of a line, in the middle of lines, and at the beginning of lines. For our example we want all bar lines to be suppressed, so the value we need is #(#f #f #f) (also available under the name all-invisible). Let’s try that, remembering to include the Staff context. Note also that in writing this value we have ## before the opening parenthesis. One ‘#’ is required as part of vector constant syntax, and the first ‘#’ is required, as always, to precede the value itself in the \override command.

\relative {
  \time 12/16
  \override Staff.BarLine.break-visibility = ##(#f #f #f)
  c''4 b8 c d16 c d8 |
  g,8 a16 b8 c d4 e16 |

[image of music]

And we see this too removes all the bar lines.

LilyPond Learning Manual v2.25.17 (development-branch).