Environment variables

lilypond recognizes the following environment variables:


This specifies a directory where locale messages and data files are looked up by default, overriding locations defined either at compile-time or computed dynamically at run-time (see Relocation). The directory should contain subdirectories called ly, ps, tex, etc.


Specify the directory where locale-specific files are located. This overrides the value derived from LILYPOND_DATADIR.


Specify the directory where relocation files are located. This overrides the value derived from the location of the lilypond binary.


The language for LilyPond data sent to stdout and stderr, for example progress reports, warning messages, or debug output. Example: LANG=de.


The default loglevel. If LilyPond is called without an explicit loglevel (i.e., no --loglevel command-line option), this value is used.


A variable, as a percentage, that tunes memory management behavior. A higher value means the program uses more memory, a smaller value means more CPU time is used. The default value is 70.


This specifies the temporary directory in GNU/Linux and macOS. Default is /tmp. It is the directory where intermediate files (such as PostScript files) are saved during compilation. Overriding this variable might be useful, for example, if the user running lilypond does not have write access to the default temporary directory. Example: TMPDIR=~/foo.

LilyPond Application Usage v2.25.18 (development-branch).