1.142 functional harmony

ES: armonía funcional, I: armonia funzionale, F: étude des functions, D: Funktionslehre, NL: functionele harmonie, DK: funktionsanalyse, funktionsharmonik, S: funktionslära, FI: harmoniajärjestelmä.

A system of harmonic analysis.

It is based on the idea that, in a given key, there are only three functionally different chords: tonic (T, the chord on the first note of the scale), subdominant (S, the chord on the fourth note), and dominant (D, the chord on the fifth note). Others are considered to be variants of the base chords. A few examples among many others are the tonic, subdominant or dominant of the parallel minor scale, or the incomplete dominant seventh chord.

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See also

dominant, incomplete dominant seventh chord, subdominant, tonic.

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