1.138 Frenched score

ES: partitura a la francesa, I: partitura senza i righi vuoti, F: partition à la française, D: Orchesterpartitur ohne leere Systeme, NL: ?, DK: ?, S: ?, FI: partituuri ilman tyhjiä nuottiviivastoja.

A ‘condensed’ score, produced by omitting staves for instruments that are not playing at the moment, and by moving up additional systems from following pages to take up the space thus liberated, which reduces the total number of pages used to print the work.

The specific rules for ‘frenching’ a score differ from publisher to publisher. If you are producing scores for eventual publication by a commercial publisher, you may wish to procure a copy of their style manual.

See also

Frenched staff.

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