4.6.1 Displaying spacing

To graphically display the dimensions of vertical layout variables that may be altered for page formatting, set annotate-spacing in the \paper block:

\book {
  \score { { c4 } }
  \paper { annotate-spacing = ##t }

[image of music]

All layout dimensions are displayed in staff spaces, regardless of the units specified in the \paper or \layout block. In the above example, paper-height has a value of 59.75 staff spaces, and the staff-size is 20 points (the default value). Note that:

1 point= (25.4/72.27) mm
1 staff space= (staff-size)/4 pts
= (staff-size)/4 * (25.4/72.27) mm

In this case, one staff space is approximately equal to 1.757mm. Thus the paper-height measurement of 59.75 staff spaces is equivalent to 105 millimeters, the height of a6 paper in landscape orientation. The pairs (a,b) are intervals, where a is the lower edge and b the upper edge of the interval.

See also

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