3.2.3 HTML

lilypond-book provides the following commands and environments to include music in HTML files:

In the input file, music is specified with any of the following commands:

<lilypond options go here>

<lilypond options go here: YOUR LILYPOND CODE />

<lilypondfile options go here>filename</lilypondfile>

<musicxmlfile options go here>filename</musicxmlfile>

Additionally, <lilypondversion/> displays the current version of LilyPond.

We show some examples here. The lilypond environment

<lilypond quote fragment staffsize=26>
  c'4 d' e' f' g'2 g'


[image of music]

The short version

<lilypond quote fragment staffsize=11: <c' e' g'> />


[image of music]

See also

There are specific lilypond-book command-line options and other details to know when processing HTML documents, see Invoking lilypond-book.

LilyPond Application Usage v2.25.18 (development-branch).