2.2.113 Repeat_acknowledge_engraver

This translator adds entries to repeatCommands for events generated by \\repeat volta.

Music types accepted: volta-repeat-end-event and volta-repeat-start-event

Properties (write)

repeatCommands (list)

A list of commands related to volta-style repeats. In general, each element is a list, '(command args…), but a command with no arguments may be abbreviated to a symbol; e.g., '((start-repeat)) may be given as '(start-repeat).


End a repeated section.


Start a repeated section.

volta text

If text is markup, start a volta bracket with that label; if text is #f, end a volta bracket.

Repeat_acknowledge_engraver is part of the following context(s) in \layout: ChordGridScore, Score and StandaloneRhythmScore.

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