3.2.90 mensural-ligature-interface

A mensural ligature.

User settable properties:

thickness (number)

For grobs made up of lines, this is the thickness of the line. For slurs and ties, this is the distance between the two arcs of the curve’s outline at its thickest point, not counting the diameter of the virtual “pen” that draws the arcs. This property is expressed as a multiple of the current staff-line thickness (i.e., the visual output is influenced by changes to Staff.StaffSymbol.thickness).

Internal properties:

add-join (boolean)

Is this ligature head-joined with the next one by a vertical line?

delta-position (number)

The vertical position difference.

flexa-interval (integer)

The interval spanned by the two notes of a flexa shape (1 is a second, 7 is an octave).

head-width (dimension, in staff space)

The width of this ligature head.

ligature-flexa (boolean)

request joining note to the previous one in a flexa.

primitive (integer)

A pointer to a ligature primitive, i.e., an item similar to a note head that is part of a ligature.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): MensuralLigature and NoteHead.

LilyPond – Internals Reference v2.24.3 (stable-branch).