2.2.74 Mark_engraver

This engraver creates rehearsal marks.

Mark_engraver creates marks formatted according to the markFormatter context property and places them vertically outside the set of staves given in the stavesFound context property.

If Mark_engraver is added or moved to another context, Staff_collecting_engraver also needs to be there so that marks appear at the intended Y location.

By default, Mark_engravers in multiple contexts create a common sequence of marks chosen by the Score-level Mark_tracking_translator. If independent sequences are desired, multiple Mark_tracking_translators must be used.

Properties (read)

currentMarkEvent (stream event)

The event selected by Mark_tracking_translator for engraving by Mark_engraver.

markFormatter (procedure)

A procedure taking as arguments the context and the sequence number of the rehearsal mark. It should return the formatted mark as a markup object.

stavesFound (list of grobs)

A list of all staff-symbols found.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s): RehearsalMark.

Mark_engraver is part of the following context(s) in \layout: Score.

Internals Reference v2.23.5 (development-branch).